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AP Dr Risza

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Risza Rusli is an Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering Department, UTP and currently is the Head of Centre for Advanced Process Safety (CAPS). She is an Associate Member of IChemE in Process Safety. Her first involvement in the research and consultancy on risk analysis was back in 2001 with the AEA Technology, UK. Since then, she has actively involved in the research and development of measurement tools for inherently safer design, consequence analysis for carbon capture technology by applying Computational Fluid Dynamic technique and risk based tools considering human factor elements for the application of chemical processing, oil and gas industries. Since 2007, she has involved in providing professional courses related to Process Safety and conducted consequence study and Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) consultancies for oil and gas companies in Malaysia.


  • Process Safety
  • Reliability and risk management
  • Hazard Analysis
  • Consequence Modelling

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