Fire & Explosion

Location: CAPE, Kuala Lumpur

Fee: RM 3,620 per pax


Fire is very destructive and catastrophic in nature and it is a fact that fire occurrence is often unpredictable. Fire claims thousands of human lives each year and injure more worldwide. Fire in petroleum facilities especially can lead to significant losses including life, financial, property and subsequently damaging the environment which will lead to catastrophic consequences. These accidents not only destroy facilities, but also it may hit nearby facilities with certain physical effects (e.g. heat radiation or blast wave), and sometimes even cause so-called domino effect (accident escalation), which can obviously extend  the severity of the accident. One of the ways that can reduce fire incidents and save people’s lives is by providing knowledge and developing good understanding on the behavior of fires and smoke, the behavior of people exposed to fires, developing correct evacuation plan and designing and maintaining facilities that can be safe during fire incidents, as well as designing and selecting appropriate fire protection systems. This course will provide extensive information on the above and will be delivered by academic and industry experts in fire safety and protection engineering.

This course is aimed to enhance students’ knowledge on fundamental theory of fires and explosion and fire hazard analysis. The course also covers topics on fire risk assessment, protection and prevention strategies. The installation, inspection, testing and maintenance of fire and explosion protections will also be discussed.


  • Understanding fire and explosion dynamics, fire spread, fire and explosion impact prediction, injury prediction due to fire and explosion
  • Perform structure fire safety analysis and understand the impact of fire on plant structure
  • Understand the concept of fire testing and its limitations
  • Perform risk assessment in Fire and explosion safety Engineering