Process Hazard Analysis

Location: CAPE, Kuala Lumpur

Fee: RM 2,900 per pax


Process hazards analysis (PHA) and risk management are essential to prevent process catastrophic incidents. A process hazard analysis is an organized and systematic effort to identify and analyze the significance of potential hazards. It also analyzes potential causes and consequences of fires, explosions, release of toxic or flammable chemicals, and major spills of hazardous chemicals. PHA generally focuses on equipment, instrumentation, utilities, human actions and external factors that might affect the process.

The course is explaining about hazard analysis and risk assessment and its application to processing industries. The course covers topics on hazards, risk, risk analysis probability and reliability, hazard analysis and awareness, PHA tools (HAZID, HAZOP, etc), principle of risk management. The course will also include the risk assessment process, risk contributors, risk values, risks communication and reduction strategies to enhance process safety in processing industries



  • Describe principles of hazard identification and risk assessment
  • Apply appropriate techniques for hazard identification and risk analysis
  • Identify risk reduction strategies to prevent consequences